Keys to Enter Rest

People live in a fast-paced world where they want to accomplish something meaningful in their lives. They are impeded by uncountable activities and issues that keep them busy almost all of time. No matter how hard they try to work in order to have time to rest, the still find themselves looking for ways to improve their lives. People are also effected by emotional issues, causing them to have sleepless nights. Rest appears to be unattainable in people’s lives. The Bible demonstrates the importance of rest. God, in fact, rested on the Sabbath day. However, most people are unaware of how to find rest in this challenging and demanding world.

This book was written to help people understand the importance of rest and how to find it in the midst of life’s many challenges. It takes one on a spiritual journey as it unfolds biblical truths from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It reveals situational truths that help in dealing with difficult life situations in a restful manner. It is an interactive book with practical situations that helps on how to be at peace despite life’s challenges. It also teaches on how to deal with, adjust to, or adapt to various life situations. As one interacts with this book, they will discover that it is possible to find and enjoy the REST that God provided for man in this hectic world.

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